Landmarks Art & Garden Center – Tiburon Wedding

Tina & Phil's – Tiburon Garden Wedding

It was so much fun photographing Tina & Phil's Garden Wedding last year. When you hear the magic words, just be creative, we want really unique and artistic photographs..most photographers know they're in for a treat. 

I should have guessed knowing that Tina is the owner and designer of Velvet & Tweed adorable San Francisco Handmade clothing for kids, that the event was going to be unique and creative. 

One of my favorite details about Tina & Phil's wedding was the amazing family style dining that they had planned for their medium sized intimate event. The food was prepared by Ann Walker Catering and it was so neat to see large dishes of the most amazing and colorful, heirloom tomato salads being passed around from guest to guest with tongs! I loved that touch, and don't know what we don't do that at more weddings. Further courses were followed by roasted corn on the cob, eggplants and other garden vegetables passed around family style.

And even when the unthinkable happened, 80mph winds started knocking down the outdoor Reception Lights and Decorations, guests just picked up their plates and started to trickle inside the rooms of the Cozy Cottage, where they spent the rest of the evening dancing away in the cozy rooms. There was a short period of pandemonium, when everyone, including the caterers and myself, wondered what should we do? But everyone pitched-in to move the party inside, and guests just chatted away laughing and having a good time, as if nothing had happened. The team at Alice Walker Catering, did such a fantastic impromptu job at moving the whole reception inside at a whim. The way the guests were having a good time, and the toasts got underway, you hardly new that anything had even happened to change the course of the evening.

I think that's what I loved best about Tina & Phil's wedding; was even when crazy winds threatened to ruin their event, they continued to have such a great evening amongst their closest family and friends.

Theme: Vintage Handmade Garden Wedding
Venue: Art & Garden Center – Tiburon
Catering: Ann Walker Catering, San Anselmo
Sorry, I never got the full list of vendors. I'll add them as I get them.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:



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