The Artist

-Having grown-up in upstate New York I love apple picking, the fall, and an appreciation for all things preppy.
-Having once called northern Italy home I relish extra thin crust pizza, Italian shoes and riding the train. But years of living in sunny Santa Barbara have softened and salted me, and will send me outdoors on any occasion.
-It took getting fired from that corporate job to realize my life’s passion and the decision to go back to school and study photography at the Brooks Institute. Not to mention the years of mentoring women in business that I realized that all things are possible.
-You can catch me celebrating my favorite holiday, 4th of July, but you may catch me listening to Christmas music in June.
-I love lacrosse almost as much as surfing, a fresh notebook with blank pages, singing in foreign languages, and anything the color Aqua.
-The eldest of 5, I understand family.
-You can find me with my camera working around the globe, but it is San Francisco that I happily call home, with my hubby, Patrick, and our little bear, Luca.